SIDDHARTHA VASHISHTA CHARITABLE TRUST is a registered non-profit organization based in New Delhi, India. With its all-important philanthropic pursuit of alleviating the pain from cancer and the sorrow of social ostracise suffered due to incarceration, the trust has tried to achieve many goals in its short lifespan.
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Though we were working for the benefit of the under privileged and jail inmates for the past 10 years, our efforts took final shape in the form of SIDDHARTHA VASHISHTA CHARITABLE TRUST in 2010, and has continued making credible contributions in its dual philanthropic fight to improve the lives of the prison inmates, and spreading cancer awareness.


Wondering why you should be a part of SVCT family?

It has been observed that a large number of organisations are working in the prison towards welfare of the inmates. In fact they have a choice of attending programmes of their liking.  Prison mates are generally well taken care of regarding their basic needs.  Life for the families is so very difficult and the brunt is faced mostly by children, unseen, unheard prisoners of conscience.  SVCT is probably the only NGO that is working towards the welfare of ‘Children OF Prisoners’.  We believe that children are the future citizens of our society. It is therefore the responsibility of every society to ensure that all the children are given an equal opportunity of growth and development. This will help them to grow up into responsible and productive citizens. It is important to create a harmonious society for our future generation.

We strongly believe that these children are the poorest of the poor and need special attention so that they do not fall back into the ‘Vicious Pattern of Punishment‘. Each year in different countries children face the trauma of parental incarceration.

As a consequence there will be increased risk of major negative effects in their lives. Therefore, these kids are supported for continuation of their education in the same schools and social environment.  This unique effort is further supported by comprehensive counselling which is psychological, social, and academic and career oriented as well

Parental incarceration is now recognized as an “adverse childhood experience” (ACE); it is distinguished from other adverse childhood experiences by the unique combination of trauma, shame, and stigma.

Incarceration of parent leading to mental abuse + inadequate education = Increased risk of children living in poverty which further leads to household instability and indulgence in crime. YOUR contributions and donations would not only help them continue their education but also become responsible and productive citizen.

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Sponsor a Child’s Education- Save a Future


Our On-going Activities

Helping Hand | Charity Donation

The Trust identifies the financially weak families and individuals who are victims and provides them with long-term as well as short-term financial assistance, gives them adequate counseling for character development. In case of prison inmates; once they are released from jail the Trust takes initiative to place them in viable jobs.
The Trust holds regular fine art exhibitions where the paintings made by the inmates are displayed and sold at a nominal cost, and part of the revenue collected is deposited into the bank accounts of the inmate artist, or given to their family. Thus, continuing its mission of strengthening the delicate societal fabric of our multi-cultural citizenry.