About Us

I was unable to bear the education expenses of my two children from prison and my wife was alone at home. So, I approached Siddhartha Vashishta Charitable Trust for help.

Satya Narain
Serving Life Sentence in Central Jail, Tihar, New Delh

SIDDHARTHA VASHISHTA CHARITABLE TRUST is a registered non-profit organization based in New Delhi, India. With its all-important philanthropic pursuit of alleviating the pain from cancer and the sorrow of social ostracize suffered due to incarceration, the trust has tried to achieve many goals in its short lifespan.

The trust has put together a functional group of experts who take care of the various aspects of services coming within its gamut of operations. With a three-tier management hierarchical system in place each and every activity gets its due attention down to the minutest of details during each of the strategizing, planning and execution stages.

The trust involves noted physicians, doctors and surgeons to give strength to its activities such as medical camps, seminars and conferences. The trust disburses its valuable messages to the masses through events such as musical nights, fashion shows, fine art exhibitions, etc.

The trust activities concern the following three areas:

Catch the Cancer:
A nationwide endeavor to spread cancer awareness and to educate people in the prevention and cure of the deadly disease. The trust provides timely help for effective detection of cancer and gives the patients most affordable and reliable treatment once it is diagnosed.

Human Touch:
An effort to physically and emotionally strengthen the family members of people sentenced to imprisonment in India. The trust has made sure that the children of the inmates do not suffer due to the mistakes made by an elder in their family.

Chance for Change:
A spirited activity to support those in prison through adequate counseling and job opportunities after release. The trust has helped many to stand on their feet by trying to provide vocational training, and also by honing their inborn extra-curricular talents in music, painting, dramatics, etc., into viable income opportunities.