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Kamlesh Thakur

Kamlesh Thakur

I accidentally chanced upon the website of Siddhartha Vashishta Charitable Trust one day while surfing through the internet. And what struck me the most was the unique focus of the trust - the jail inmates and their helpless families. I immediately felt that this could be my chance to cleanse the society of its evils. So I enrolled as a volunteer teacher in fine arts in Tihar Jail, New Delhi.

I Today, after almost two years of service to the trust, I am glad that I took the fateful decision. The volunteering activities give me immense fulfillment as I feel like the instrument of change in God's hands. Speaking of which, I recall a particular experience with one inmate called Lama who was usually angrier than the rest. Lama was sentenced ten years prior to our meeting for a serious crime, which made me particularly careful with him. And the fact that Lama was a talented artist waiting to be groomed for the market, had struck me at our very first meeting itself. I, therefore, had handed him a paint brush, some colors, a canvas and some instructions, and the rest is the story of a successful transformation.

It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction today when I see Lama's paintings and canvases displayed in most of the fine art exhibitions in Delhi. Lama's activities have changed and so has his surroundings. He now earns an honest living selling his paintings. His two children are going to school, their education expenses being financed by the trust. While Lama Takes care of the rest of the household expenses.

I recommend Siddhartha Vashishta Charitable Trust to everybody, including my friends and family members. The trust is doing genuine work in its fields of operations and we must support it whole heartedly in all its endeavors.

Bhavika Vohra

Bhavika Vohra

SVCT, a name that gave me another way to look life. We all are so busy in our lives that we forget about those persons who are surviving through all hardships in their life. Initially like every student my aim was just to complete my internship as it was in my curriculum, but after knowing about SVCT that how it works and for whom they work urged me to be an active volunteer and do whatever.

At SVCT i got a chance to be the part of "Wings of Hope- an Art Exhibition". Best part was all the paintings were made by the jail inmates, this fact just amazed me. It was so surprising for me that the persons who are spending their life in jail for some crime or other are heading towards to live a normal life like all other. This is a most noble step taken by SVCT to help jail inmates and their helpless families. It was good to see many popular celebrities on that day supporting the operations of SVCT. The paintings were so beautiful that no one can make out that they were painted by jail inmates and not by professional painters. We all volunteers also met one of the jail inmate Lama, who painted many paintings there. He was imprisoned for 10 years for a crime and now after coming out of jail he was living a normal life as a painter in SVCT and earning his livelihood to support himself and his family. That particular day SVCT also distributed Insurance Policies to the children of jail inmates to secure their future.

I feel proud to say that now I am the part of SVCT and always look forward to volunteer noble causes. We all should join our hands together for the betterment of our society and taking it to level where every single individual is happy and for this SVCT is best platform.

Chestha Kohli The FIMT University Delhi

Chestha Kohli

Understanding any situation by just observing or through context is something different but observing the ground reality through field work gives the real insight. Having such an experience opens up the narrow thinking of dealing with any situation. And the best part of this NGO is they're especially working for needy people financially without any discrimination between families as well crime. I'm soo grateful to be the part of this NGO (SVCT) who let me experience so much things in life.

I had a great and wonderful experience working as an intern in this NGO. On the basis of today's case as an intern I got to know how the family is suffering from different kind a difficulty level when the man of family sent to jail. The family is suffering from bad financial conditions as well mental level. But SVCT helps them out. This NGO not only changed life's of hundred people but also let their family to live a meaningful life in society which means a lot.

Sahajpreet The FIMT University Delhi

Being an intern of this NGO got to experience my 1st case and had a preIty good conversation with the inmate's family and came to know how bad the people feel when they get apart from their family members just due to some bad circumstances and situations.The most important thing that i figured out was that the person is not born as a criminal its the situations who make them criminals.By this case i came to know what type of challenges the family has to face rather it be emotional, financial or social. But the best part what i felt working in this NGO is that they come up with every possible way to help the needy specialy by helping them financialy and also dont discriminate people on the criminal grounds and treat every person equally.

The NGO is doing really a great job and am highly obliged being the part of Svct Delhi.

Prekshit Chauhan The FIMT University Delhi

Prekshit Chauhan

Just like every coin has two faces, similarly every scenario has two aspects. The way people look at the criminals and their family and the actual reality have a very broad difference with one another.I have personally noticed this difference while having a conversation with the families of the inmates. The actual suffering is faced by the children and the spouse of the inmate. The level of the difficulties faced by them is far above what the society feels about them. In today's case i have gained a lot of experience about the financial, social and even the emotional problems of the family and the children and also how our NGO ( Svct Delhi ) have been solving these problems so far and what further assistance is required for the upliftment of the family. The NGO has surely helped enumerous people across the country and will further serve for the humanity.

Pranjal Apurva The ICFAI University, Dehradun

Pranjal Apurva

It give satisfaction when you see that because of your help someone get the benefit and same i feel while working in with svct. The work done by NGO is transparent and it is one of the strong point of NGO, it make svct different from other NGO. The family are also happy with the work of svct and feel luck to be part of svct as just because of svct their children are studying. I hope in future svct will enlarge it's connection and will help more families.

The work done by ngo is different from other ngo but it is really helpful for the family who are connected to it. Working as intern let us know how the family suffer when a male member send to jail. i wish the ngo keep doing same and more and more family get help from ngo.

Nishta Wadhwa The ICFAI University, Dehradun

Nishta Wadhwa

Today i felt that helping someone should be just like SVCT. I mean today i met a family and i felt how can kids survive in this world if no one came out for help. that family is really poor they dont even have enough money to feed their child. those kids really are something i mean they never demand for anything because they know their financial condition. they said they just want to study hard and than build up their life. they said they love SVCT ngo because svct helped them when they needed someone's help most. they even said that no relative came for help at that time but svct did. they think of svct as their family.

Nilay Joshi The The ICFAI University

I wonder when people say India is a male dominant society when I see wife's of the inmates feeding a family of 4 & 5 & 6 and even more all alone.

Time to change our philosophy friends.
And when these women say that it's because of SVCT that we got the encouragement to earn it for our families, thankfulness flows from their heart as well as from my heart too for the one who is doing all the great work of helping the one's who otherwise would have not be able to even feed their families with two meals a day.

They all say it and on behalf of all of them I say- 
Thanks a ton sir, you have a big heart.

Saksham Singh The ICFAI University, Dehradun

Saksham Singh

Today I went to meet a family near by sec 63 were they were a family of 4 living in a single room. The culprit was charged with 20 charges and is under trial for 3 years.. The mother of the family is basically I'll on a regular basis still she goes to her work so she can earn some money to feed her children but that seems impossible for her do.... These things sometimes touch my heart as how can a family mange in 2000 bugs. As our no has been helping her since some years so she can provide education to her children.

Sameksha Bali

"It was a beautiful experience. I learnt many things, including how to organize a camp and what all iszzdone there.  This was my first experience at any NGO. I feel helping people without any expectation is what we can learn here. This NGO is selflessly helping the needy. It was an extreme pleasure to work here as an intern"

Angshuman Bhagabati

Angshuman Bhagabati

"It is a great initiative by this institution to help the needy. This was a great learning experience to help the people who are deprived of their basic social rights. I am inclined towards working for children and even people with developmental deficits. The Cancer awareness programs were enlightening. I will work for people's welfare"

Bharti Arora

Bharti Arora

"It was a nice experience being connected with this trust. I got to know how the urban poor live in and around Delhi live in their own miserable condition. They are unaware about life taking diseases such as Cancer, especially Breast Cancer among women, SVCT takes it upon them to make these people aware so they get their treatment on time and fight the cancer battle. I also got positive approach towards innocent family member of Tihar jail inmates."

Sahil Madan

"It was fabulous working with a reputed institution such as SVCT, came across many such organizations but personally felt better while working as a social intern at SVCT. I am very keen in working with this NGO as it will enhance change my perspective towards certain issues. I see myself as a more empathetic person after this internship . The causes for which this NGO work are of my interest "