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2012 Events


Breast Cancer Awareness Camp (04.02.2012)

A women health (Breast Cancer) camp was organised in Rajouri Garden area on 4thFebruary 2012, in which 35 ladies took part. Dr. Khushboogave very useful tips about seasonal diseases and women general health. Dr. Lovepreet kaur showed a short film and a PowerPoint presentation on Breast Cancer & Cervical. In our country Breast Cancer is a common disease and is rapidly growing amongst women. She specially insisted the ladies to check themselves and showed various methods available to do the same. She also talked about BSE (Breast Self Examination). Thanks to Ms. Avantika of Gitanjali Maken Trust who arranged this meeting.

Breast Cancer Camp at Sultanpur Majra (19.02.2012)

A Breast Cancer (Awareness & Detection) Camp was organised in association with Gitanjali Makan Foundation on 19thFebruary 2012 at Om Dharam Kantaa, Village Sultanpur Majra , Delhi from 10 am to 3 pm. A small & informatics exhibition was also displayed for the people to know about the bad effects of Tobacco. Volunteers from Delhi Universitywho came also helped in making the camp successful. 106 ladies were benefitted from this camp. All were given useful information regarding the cause, symptoms and effects of the breast cancer. 30 Mammography tests were conducted. Ms. Avantika, trustee of Foundationhad also visited the camp and appreciated the efforts of SVCT. She said that this was the first ever camp organized by anyone in this area. Thanks to Mr. Vikas Shokeen &his team who helped in smooth running of the camp. .

Breast Cancer Awareness Camp at -Village Tikri Kalan (20.02.2012)

A Breast Cancer (Awareness & Detection) Camp was organized in association with Gitanjali Makan Foudation, Village Tikri Kalan, Delhi. A small & informatics exhibition was displayed for people to know about the bad effects of tobacco. Patients who came from nearby villages felt very happy by the arrangements done by SVCT. Total 112 OPD cases were examined by Dr. Namritaand 32X-Ray Mammography tests were done. The camp was appreciated by all elders of the village. Mrs. Shakti Rani Sharma, trustee of SVCT & Ms. Avantika trustee (Gitanjali Makan Foundation) visited the camp. Local people appreciated the efforts of SVCT & thanked to the Trustee's. Thanks to Mr. Sanjay Choudary and his team members for helping in smooth running of the camp.


Walk against Cancer at Chandigarh (09.03.2012)

Walk by SVCT and ROKO in Chandigarh on 9th March for Cancer awareness and pray for speedy recovery of Yuvraj Singh's health. On the occasion of International Women's Day, under the aegis of the MKC Trust (London), Roko Cancer Trust (India), SVCT organized a walk in support of cancer awareness and early detection of breast cancer and other type of women cancers at Chandigarh, India. Besides the students from various institutes, the dignitaries of Chandigarh viz, the Mayor of Chandigarh, eminent doctors and many others joined us.
The Champion extraordinaire of Roko, renowned actress and theatre personality Kirron Kher joined us from Mumbai to open the walk and also inaugurated the mega camp. All tests including mammograms, ECG, Blood Pressure monitoring, Diabetes tests were done free of cost. Free medicines prescribed by the doctors were also be distributed by SVCT.
On this occasion all gathered and prayed for the speedy recovery of Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh and hoped that he comes back to the game of cricket with full vigor. Others who joined us on this day, all the way from London were Mr. APS Chawla, Chairman Roko Cancer Charitable Trust, Mr. Kulwant Dhaliwal, Roko Global Ambassador and many NRI supporters. Flagging the walk were the bikers of Harley Davidson who supported the cause.
SIDDHARTHA VASHISHTA CHARITABLE TRUST is a registered non-profit organization based in New Delhi, India. With its all-important philanthropic pursuit of alleviating the pain from cancer and the sorrow of social ostracize suffered due to incarceration, the trust has tried to achieve many goals in its short lifespan.
Mrs Shakti Rani Sharma & Mr. Kartikey Sharma, trustees along with more than 200 SVCT volunteers took part. People of all age groups and all walks of life joined in the awareness walk. The walk began from Sukhna Lake and culminated at sector 17-d Plaza. Mrs. Shakti Rani thanked the crowd of 1000 people who walked for the awareness of early detection and better treatment of cancer.

Medical Camp at Budh Vihar,Delhi (17.03.2012)

SVCT organized a general health check up camp in association with Guru Kripa Associates (Regd.), on 17thMarch 2012 at B-1/15, Budh Vihar phase -1, New Delhi. The SVCT team along with 12 volunteers served the local people from 10.30 am to 3:00 pm. The camp provided the local people with free regular (General allopathic, Homoeopathy and Dental) checkups. In the absence of Dr. (Ms) Simran Kaur Sawhney,Dr. Abhilash and Dr. Naveen Tyagi did the regular checkups. About 85-90 patients were screened byDr. (Ms) Lovepreet Kaur & Dr. Kbuhboo. She managed to screen Gyane case also. All the SVCT volunteers took special care of women attending the camp by making them aware about breast cancer. Total 317 patients attended the camp & medicines were given to all the patients. The camp was an overall success in serving people and we hope to do the same in future. A big thanks to Mr. Narendra Batra (Bittoo Batra) and his team members for helping in smooth running of the camp.


Anti Smoking Campaign at Noida (06.04.2012)

An anti smoking/tobacco campaign was organized by SVCT in Sec-61, Noida on 6th April 2012. A total of 8 student Interns pursuing MBA/BTech from Jaypee Business School Noida, promoted anti smoking/tobacco drive. They went to street tea shops, and housing construction site to support the cause and generate awareness. They distributed pamphlets carrying the information regarding bad effects of tobacco and smoking and also collected empty boxes of cigarettes and pouches of Gutka's.

Interns gave a tobacco awareness lesson to the people. This was a great effort of SVCT under "CATCH THE CANCER" events.


Collection of old clothes & Distribution 1st May, 2012

A massive drive was launched by SVCT in Sec-62, Noida. The SVCT volunteers went to Jaypee Business School and motivated the students in the hostel who were passing out, to donate some of their old clothes for the needy persons. Boxes & Bags were marked & kept at the hostel gates for the collection of clothes. Similar exercise was done in the camp. The old clothes collected were then distributed to the poor & needy inmate families. This was a great achievement of SVCT under "HUMAN TOUCH".

Interns training program 20th May, 2012

More than 25 students from different colleges of Pune, Dehradun, Jaipur, Amity University (Noida) & Delhi University came for summer social internship course. A detailed training programme was conducted this year. Mr. S. Sammuel from 'backward Pettren Society' & Mr. K. Bhandari from 'Self-help project for Dalit women' were called to give a training session & enlighten the interns on how to form a society and what are functions of the society.


Drive against tobacco and smoking (31.05.2012 to 06.06.2012)

We celebrate World tobacco day on 31st May every year. On this occasion an anti-tobacco week was celebrated from 31st May to 6th June 2012. SVCT team with Interns who came from Dehradun, Pune and Jaipur went to nearby District Centre in Janakpuri. They generated awareness by spreading the message about the bad effects of Gutka's, Khaini & cigarettes to number of common people. Also, some of the people who really wanted to get away from this bad habit gave their empty packets to the SVCT people. Tobacco awareness handbills were also distributed. SVCT volunteers travelled by auto and met people to give a lesson on the ill effects of tobacco. The drive continued for a week & was a huge success.


Heart, Cancer & Respiratory Camp (08.07.2012)

A health camp on Heart, Cancer & Respiratory was organized in association with 'Sighals Group & Metro Heart & Cancer Institute' at Parsavnath Paradise, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad on 8th July 2012. It was organized with the help of Resident Welfare Society. Large number of patients from different areas came to visit the camp. On our special request Mr. Niloy Mitra, chief coordinator, Metro Hospital had sent a special team to conduct ECG, PFT in the Camp. Total OPD's conducted were 113 (Heart-75 and Respiratory - 48). The following tests were done: RBS-110, ECG-35, PFT (Pulmonary function test)-25, PFM (Peak flow Meter)-20. Also, 25 patients who required ECHO test were sent to Hospital for free of cost. We would like to thank Mr. Saurabh Singhal and his friends, who helped in smooth running of the camp. 8 Interns participated in the camp which was the first ever of this kind. Local people thanked SVCT for holding the camp with a great success.

Visit to Jail (17.07.2012)

A short visit was arranged by SVCT for interns on 17th July 2012, to show the Jail from inside. Interns from Amity Law College and Mysore visited the Central Jail, Tihar No.1. They met Mr. Charan Singh, Welfare officer and Superintended, and enquired about the jail rules, the position of inmates in the Jail. They had first time visited the jail & it was a very informative & helpful initiative by SVCT.


SVCT Participated in RTEDU-2012 in Jabalpur at St. Aloysius College
(31.08-2012 to 01.09.2012)

A two day Nationalconference was organized by Department of Education, St. Aloysius' College (Autonomous) Jabalpur l (MP)on Right to Education: Challenges and Opportunities at College Campus, on 31stAugust 2012 to 1st September 2012, where most of NGO's,representativesofCentral Government,State government, andLocal authority,School, had participated. SVCT was also invitedin this conference. About 400 to 500 participants attended the conference.

"Every child of the age of six to fourteen years shall have a right to free and compulsory education in a neighborhood school till completion of elementary education." This shows the right of a child to free and compulsory education. Parents and guardians have a responsibility towards the right of child's education but we also have the responsibility to protect it. So correcting the inequality of right to education makes our future society better.

SVCT explained its contribution towards RTE through a power point presentation. The main purpose of this Conference was to discuss the global issues of Right to Education (RTE) and the enforcement of the act which provides a unique opportunity to mount a mission encompassing all the discourses to fulfill the goal of universal elementary education and to include quality education for all. Mr. Gaurav Passy along with Ms. Yun Konishi, our international Intern from Japan made the presentation. He spoke about how SVCT is playing a big role in RTEDU. The presentation was well appraised through a standing ovation. Also the District Collector appreciated the work of SVCT during his speech. We handed out brochure carrying SVCT activities, Breast Cancer awareness and anti tobacco literature to the participants as well as to the college students.After the presentation, SVCT visited every class to talk about the upcoming social work. SVCT's work was very much appreciated & it was shared that we are doing a really tremendous job & helping convict kids in such a way that it is heart touching.


Colours of Hope -Chandigarh (Painting Exhibition) - 27th and 28th October 2012

SVCT took part in a Painting Exhibition (Vanity Fair) that took place at Whispering Willow in Zirakpur, Chandigarh. In here, SVCT proudly presented to its viewers the numerous paintings made by the inmates of Jails. The exhibition received a positive feedback from all the art lovers who were present in the exhibition. Trustee, Mrs Shakti Rani Sharma and interns of SVCT were present to make sure everything goes in perfectly.

Colours of Hope Jalandhar (Painting Exhibition) - 30th and 31st October 2012

SVCT participated in "Colours of Hope", a painting exhibition at hotel Radisson, Jalandhar on 30th and 31st October 2012. The participation was done as a charity for a Nobel cause. The exquisite paintings made by the inmates of Jails attracted many viewers of Jalandhar.


Distribution of Wheel Chairs to Physically Handicapped Children - 4th November 2012

On this fortunate day SVCT visited the Nutan Siksha Sadan School on 4th November 2012, and distributed wheelchairs to the differently-abled children of a convict's family who were in need. The twins, Vansh and Vanshikha, 7 years old had been affected by polio from a very young age and are paralysed on the lower half of their body.

Children's Day Celebration - 14th November 2012

As the whole of India celebrated Children's day, so did the children of SVCT. On this exciting day, SVCT and all its members decided to make the day special for all the beautiful children of an orphan home at Chandigarh. It was seen that these children enjoyed this day like any other children in India. There were balloons, music, gifts for the children. Food was provided to around 113 children of their own choice with the hope that this one day would give them all the joy that they deserve. Mrs Shakti Rani Sharma trustee and & interns of SVCT were also present to make sure everything was being done in order.

World Environmental Day - 23rd November 2012

SVCT organised painting competition with the help of another NGO "Backward Patron Society", on World Environmental Day, at Mohan Garden, Uttam Nagar. A large number of children participated in "Children's Painting Competition". The competition took place in three categories according to various age groups (06 to 08 yr, 09 to 10 yr & 11 to 13 yr). The Children participating in the painting competition on the above subject found it to be very interesting. They enjoyed it thoroughly as they won many prizes and gift hampers.


Free Heart Check-up camp with Metro Hospital ( 23rd December 2012)

SVCT organized a "Free Heart Health Check Up Camp" in association with Metro Hospital and Cancer Institute, Preet Vihar, Delhi in the premises of Allahabad Bank Building, Nangloi, This was organized to benefit people/bank customers from all walks of life particularly socially and economically backward. Special features of this free check-up were: Blood pressure, weight, RBS, ECG which are crucial for any heart check-up. The Camp was a huge success as Dr. Amit Mittal managed to diagnose a total of 121 people in general, out of which 110 people got their RBS checked, 90 underwent their ECG and about 10 people made an effort to go to Metro Hospital to get their Echo done free of cost. Thanks to Mr. C.K.Pandey, Zonal Office, Mr. B.S.Rathi Bank Branch Manager & their staff for smooth running of camp. Interns of SVCT were also present to make sure everything was being done in order. Specially thanks to Mr. Niloy Mitra, Chief Co-ordinator of Metro Hospital for arranging all the required equipments for the camp.

Christmas Day Celebration with Ms. Sanajana Jon - 25th December 2012

When the whole world spent their day celebrating the joyous Christmas eve, SVCT along with its team spent the Christmas day in its office with around 15 children & parents of various convicts. SVCT took these youngsters to the Race Course later. Around 10 interns were taken along as volunteers to help in managing the naughty children. The presence of Sanjana John, Managing partner at boutique marketing firm, IG International and Vandana Vadehra, a pop singer made the day of these little ones. Vandana Vadhera distributed her own music CDs as a Christmas gift to these children. Sanjana John also distributed gift hampers to the children.