Thousands of people die of cancer everyday, many more are diagnosed everyday with the same killer disease.

A person suffering from cancer fights the fear of death everyday. His family and those nearest to him live in constant fear of the inevitable consequences. Life seizes for them, the moment the word “Cancer” is brought to their awareness. The truth is, that basic awareness can not only prevent this condition but also be instrumental in the cure, as cancer is a DIS-EASE caused by wrong habits & unhealthy lifestyles.

Let's join hands and become an instrument of happiness to spread awareness for someone who is either suffering or is vulnerable to this life threatening disease. So"Together", lets support the cause-" Catch The Cancer ".

Join Us... "Fight against Cancer"

Our Objectives

  • To help create awareness about breast, uterus, mouth and throat cancer among the urban poor.
  • To create youth awareness in Schools, Colleges and Offices, etc. about different aspects of the disease.
  • To hold cancer detection & medical camps in underprivileged areas to diagnose and treat cancer patients.
  • To hold seminars and video conferences in the slums to teach self-detection methods and spread awareness.

Our Methodology

  • We create awareness amongst the masses by holding appropriate events, camps, seminars and conferences.
  • We involve in our endeavors not only the common people but also medical and entertainment professionals to bring strength to our message.
  • We maintain up-to-date database of all resources such as those of specialized hospitals, specialist doctors complete with their contact details and their timings.
  • We provide ambulance facilities for emergency cases so that immediate help is available.
  • We provide financial assistance to poor and needy who cannot afford to get treated for this disease.