Beneficiary Testimonials
  • I was unable to bear the education expenses of my two children from... Satya Narain

  • I Komal thankful to you for sponsoring my fees of B.A, N.T.T and computer.. Komal

  • I thankful to you for sponsoring my fees of B.Com, NCEWB, Delhi.. Arveen Kaur

  • I would like to express my deep felt gratitude towards your helping... Pranshu

  • I really want to thank from bottom my heart to you & your Charity... Khushboo

  • I (Daljeet Singh) am very thankful to you to support me for my... Daljeet Singh

  • I (Chandan) son of Govind Ram am so thankful to you because SVCT... Chandan, Inmate

  • Siddhartha Vashishta has helped a lot after combining me and my brother's... Fiza Khan

  • I Anil s/o. Sh.Ram kishan, who is in tihar jail no. - 2. I look after their... Anil Kumar, Inmate

  • SVCT NGO has helped a lot (komal). SVCT has helped me with my College...Komal

  • I want to say that you have helped my both Children jasmine and amrit... Renu Sodhi

  • From Two years, I Shakuntla Devi has been receiving a financial help... Shakuntla

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Volunteer Testimonials
  • I accidentally chanced upon the website of Siddhartha Vashishta... Kamlesh Thakur

  • SVCT, a name that gave me another way to look life. We all are so busy...Bhavika Vohra

  • Understanding any situation by just observing or through context is... Chestha Kohli

  • Being an intern of this NGO got to experience my 1st case and had a... Sahajpreet

  • Just like every coin has two faces, similarly every scenario has two... Prekshit chauhan

  • It give satisfaction when you see that because of your help someone... Pranjal Apurva

  • The work done by ngo is different from other ngo but it is really... Pranjal Apurva

  • Today i felt that helping someone should be just like SVCT... Nishta Wadhwa

  • I wonder when people say India is a male dominant society when I see... Nilay Joshi

  • Today I went to meet a family near by sec 63 were they were a family... Saksham Singh

  • It was a beautiful experience. I learnt many things, including how... Sameksha Bali

  • It is a great initiative by this institution to help the needy... Angshuman Bhagabati

  • It was a nice experience being connected with this trust... Bharti Arora

  • It was fabulous working with a reputed institution such as SVCT, came... Sahil Madan

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7 out of every 10 Prisoner's in jail is a prisoner without conviction

In India, if you are in prison you don't have many choices left. Your respite comes as a miracle; even if you did not commit the crime. In such circumstances, how long can one wait for justice? And how soon does one brake down?

Be the light of hope to someone who deserves a second chance. As we all know that a crime, more often, is the result of negative circumstances.

Join us and save a soul, as the true solution in all such cases is rooting out the reason for the crime itself, and not outcasting the person from the society.

Our Objectives

  • To train and equip the inmates for viable businesses and vocations while they are still in prison, so that after their release they can be a part of the mainstream society. To rehabilitate them into society by placing them in adequate jobs and services once they are released from jail

Our Methodology

  • First, we train the inmates in different vocations, and we give them adequate certifications.
  • We teach them through various classroom techniques how to become self-reliant and build self-worth in order to live a dignified life after release.
  • We create awareness among the youth and business enterprises to open mindedly rehabilitate these unfortunate beings.
  • We help the inmates in getting suitable jobs
  • We provide consistent financial support to those requiring special attention.