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Catch the Cancer

Catch the Cancer

A nationwide endeavor to spread cancer awareness and to educate people in the prevention and cure of the deadly disease. The trust provides timely help for effective detection of cancer and gives the patients most affordable and reliable treatment once it is diagnosed.

Our society is our responsibility

What is the state of our society today?
And how does one define ‘services to humanity’?

If we conduct welfare services for our society, are we really helping others, or are we working to improve our own surroundings? With the conviction and belief that every service to society is actually a service for our own betterment, Siddhartha Vashishta Charitable Trust has taken up diligent endeavors to improve the conditions of people suffering from various stages of cancer, and to support the unfortunate inmates serving term in jails.

Join us and help improve your present, for a better future.

(Organized in association with Metro Heart & Cancer Institute at Gate No.2, Pocket “C’, Mayur Vihar Phase -2, Delhi, with the help of the Resident’s Welfare Society.)