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Effective brand building strategies across the globe require that the corporates understand and contribute towards the welfare and well-being of the society which gives them platforms to compete in the market. Now a days, all good brands are considered as such due to their diligent adherence to the fulfillment of their Corporate Social Responsibilities.
Companies from a cross-section of industries can get involved in our well-meaning endeavors and bring strength to their brand without spending much. Our 4-tier audit and evaluation mechanism is open to all contributing to our generous cause, and makes sure that the donations reach the people for whom they were intended.
Ways to donate:
Payroll giving- Encourage your employees to set aside a small amount every month from their salaries to a separate account maintained by the company, and donate it as a consolidated amount for any of our noble causes. The system is simple and easy to administer.
Cause related marketing- Effective brand building exercises, in today’s highly competitive environment requires corporate houses to take up philanthropic activities to improve their brand image. Donate generously and reap maximum benefits at minimum costs.
Direct child Support- Children are the future of our nation. Support a child directly and see a flower blossom into a responsible citizen. You can not only take up a poor child’s educational expenses, but also donate towards prevention and cure of cancer amongst children.
Youth Support- Siddhartha Vashishta Charitable Trust is training the youth who went astray in life and consequently are suffering imprisonment. Training is imparted inside the jail premises and even outside at suitable locations. Classroom teachings and practicals for job training is given in varied vocations and professions, which moulds their attitude and behavior to make them suitable for long-term viable employments.
Employee Engagement- Employees in an organization can join in our efforts and participate in the setting up of camps and training infrastructure. For further details the management of the organization must write to us mentioning the details as to how many would like to join and in what capacity. Under this scheme the employees only volunteer for work and do not pay anything to the trust.