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Human Touch

The Human touch child education program endeavours to give the children of jail inmates a proper education to help them stand on their two feet’s. It invasions that no child should be deprived of proper education and should be given an opportunity to grow in life, the idea emanates from our very own constitution which in its basic principle lays down that the education along with proper growth and opportunity should be available to all citizens.We cannot deny these children their rights to grow and prosper just because one or both of their parents are in jail. If the parent has committed a mistake, child should not be punished for the same. These children become the collective responsibility of society as most of them come from very weak background and further are distracted due to their parents being in jail. Such children need even ore care and counselling along with proper education. We have been striving our  best to educate them as much as possible.

As Ban Ki-moon said “Education promotes equality and lifts people out of poverty. It teaches children how to become good citizens. Education is not just for a privileged few, it is for everyone. It is a fundamental human right.”

It is therefore important for us as a society to create a harmonious environment for our present and future generations and give them an equal platform. We at S.V.C.T undertake the responsibility of the Unseen and Unheard- children of Prisoners.

Children are like flowers that blossom in the garden of God as they are the harbingers of eternal joy to all those around. Let’s not punish them for something they did not do. Let’s make their lives as joyful as it was always meant to be. Let’s give them an equal playing field and allow them to run as far as they desire.

Let’s not punish them for circumstances beyond their control and something they are not responsible for.

To make education and medical aid available to the families of marginalized and underprivileged jail inmates
Empower young children to chose and embrace a healthy, active lifestyle under the guidance of expert mentors
Help them develop self worth and life skills through educational and interactional sessions.
How do we do it?
We create a data base of all the children followed by series of inspections of the families of jail inmates who have either directly approached us through Jail welfare officer or by the parent outside the jail; upon selection we provide them educational and medical help.
continuation of education of the children of prisoners in their institutions and in the same social environment to ensure their proper emotional and educational development. This is a major cause of worry for most of the prisoners as in many cases the education is disrupted and children get drawn towards crime being at the fringe of normal society.  This is a stupendous task in itself as the requests for support are being received in increasing numbers each day passingWe conduct several facilitation sessions (Career / Life Skills/Drug/ alcohol/Education/Mentoring/Health/Mental Health /Support)counselling sessions and medical camps for them on regular basis,In case the family member in jail in the sole bread winner of the family, we provide adequate job opportunities and professional training along with valid certificates to another family member.
It has been reported that there is a risk of children of imprisoned females to develop criminal behaviour  and Parental conviction can be a reason for the children’s disruptive behaviour which can lead them into drugs/ alcohol and other physical/mental abuses therefore, Education is the only tool that can help us save a future.
Therefore, educational support to the children is the most important task that the trust is carrying out. Promising students are supported for their preparation for higher studies as well.  Special coaching is also supported in such cases.  Career counselling is one of the important features of the support programme as finding an appropriate career path and guidance is critical for these children.