Is it their fault that someone from their family is in jail?
A person who reaches confinement in prison becomes a stigma to the society. So much so, that most of the times even his family members are not spared of criticisms, comments and wrong judgments .The most unfortunate and the affected are the children of the prisoner’s who are suffering for no fault of their own. Their childhood is rudely snatched away and they are sent on constant hiding from all that the society has to say about something they hardly understand.

Children are like flowers that blossom in the garden of God as they are the harbingers of eternal joy to all those around. Let’s not punish them for something they did not do. Let’s make their lives as joyful as it was always meant to be. Let’s give them an equal playing field and allow them to run as far as they desire.

Our Objectives

  • To make educational and medical aid available to the families of poor and underprivileged jail inmates.
  • To help develop self worth in them through interactive and educational sessions.
  • To help them face life with dignity.
  • To make them feel that they are outcast from the society.
  • To ensure that they do not get frustrated and take to wrong ways.
  • To help build a secure society, which does not condemn but loves and forgives.

Our Methodology

  • We create a database of all the families of the poor and underprivileged jail inmates.
  • We provide education and medical help to the children of the jail inmates.
  • We conduct effective events and interactive sessions to counsel them as to how to go forward in life.
  • In case the person in jail was the only earning member in the family, we provide adequate job opportunities and professional training along with valid certifications to someone who can earn in his family.
  • We also set up adequate medical camps to treat the families free of cost or at nominal costs within their localities.